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couple murdered in Tulum

Discussion in 'General Info' started by james, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. james

    james Administrator Staff Member

    We'll post more on this as details are released. Por Esto's Sunday edition showed extremely raw images of the pair who were apparently killed with machetes.
  2. james

    james Administrator Staff Member

    [FONT=Displayed_body_font]The couple was identified as Martha Toullat Vallverde of Spain and Matías Mezzetti of Italy. They were living in the small town of [/FONT][FONT=Displayed_body_font]Francisco Hu May which is located between Tulum and Coba. They were involved in cave diving and were investigating opening up a training center, according to Por Esto's article from today.

    There have been no solid leads reported yet.
    [/FONT][FONT=Displayed_body_font] [/FONT]
  3. PeggySue

    PeggySue New Member

    Por Esto Article

    Here's my summary of the December 12 article from Por Esto. I've followed it with the original text -- anyone who speaks Spanish better than I do is welcome to correct my translation!

    Generally, the article states that the Spanish woman and Italian man entered the country through Mexico City three weeks ago and made their way to Tulum, where they planned to stay. They were tortured -- by being burned -- in a house, killed, and their bodies taken to the spot where they were dumped (according to other articles, in Hu-May, which is a small Mayan town on the way from Tulum to Coba).

    It was almost certainly a crime of passion (i.e., personal). The person who tortured and killed them is suspected to be foreign and ex-military, and probably had one or more helpers. The couple was killed by machete or another sharp weapon, but they were first burned on some parts of their bodies.

    She was a dive expert and he was going to take diving lessons. The authorities say they know a lot about their activities and movements before they were killed. The autopsy shows they were tortured but not violated (I'm guessing this means neither one was raped), and drug tests are thus far inconclusive. The bodies will be delivered to their families once the necessary examinations have been completed. (The next day's article says that the woman's father and brother have come from Spain to collect her body; the family of the man has not yet been reached.)

    The authorities are reassuring the citizens that this is an isolated case that could have happened in any part of the world, and say they're confident that it will be solved soon.


    PLAYA DEL CARMEN, SOLIDARIDAD, 12 de diciembre.- Luego de destacar que se trata de un hecho aislado en el Estado y no hay por qué preocuparse, el titular de la PGJE, Bello Melchor Rodríguez, precisó que en los siguientes días tendrán resultados favorables del asesinato de la pareja de extranjeros, mismos que están identificados como Martha Taulats Valderdu, de 26 años, originaria de Barcelona, España, y Matías Mezzeti, de 25 años, de Italia, los cuales llegaron hace tres semanas, ingresaron al país vía ciudad de México y luego se trasladaron a Tulum; antes de ser ultimados, los cuerpos sufrieron tortura con quemaduras, según revela el dictamen del forense.
    En visita de trabajo que realizó por esta cabecera municipal, el procurador del Estado enfatizó que cuenta con avances muy interesantes, porque el primer paso ya se ha dado al dar con los pasaportes de las personas sádicamente asesinadas, "andamos ya tras la pista y todo parece indicar que está apuntando hacia un extranjero y que también definitivamente no fueron asesinados en el lugar en donde se les encontró, sino que ahí se les tiró, seguramente los ultimaron en una casa habitación".
    Aseguró que trabajan en varias pistas, las cuales deben de conducir en un tiempo rápido al esclarecimiento de los hechos, pero que por el momento y por cuestiones de sigilo no quieren entorpecer las investigaciones, así que no puede adelantar mayores datos, salvo que van por buen camino y que tenga la plena confianza la ciudadanía de la Riviera Maya que es un hecho totalmente aislado, que esto puede pasar en cualquier país del mundo.
    En cuanto al móvil del crimen, Bello Melchor Rodríguez y Carrillo puntualizó que seguramente es pasional, por el tipo de lesiones que se dan. El dictamen del forense del perito de la PGJE es que a cada una de las personas se les torturó con quemaduras en algunas partes del cuerpo, no sólo fue el machete o arma punzocotante.
    Afirmó que los dos eran turistas, habían venido como turistas, pero con intención de quedarse; la mujer era experta en buceo y quería quedarse a trabajar en Tulum, y el otro, italiano. "Ellos llegaron como pareja al país vía ciudad de México, el segundo quería tomar clases de buceo. Incluso tenemos a la persona con la que se entrevistaban, dónde iban a comer, dónde vivían, les habían prestado una casa en Francisco Uh May, que está rumbo a Cobá, y precisamente a poca distancia de donde tenían esa casa fue donde los tiraron", acotó el procurador.
    Martha Taulats Valderdu, de 26 años, de Barcelona, y el italiano Matías Mezzeti de 25 años, como en vida respondían a sus nombres, quienes llegaron hace tres semanas como pareja, ingresaron al país vía ciudad de México y luego ya se trasladaron aquí a Tulum, por lo que de igual forma es probable que el extranjero que cometió el asesinato sea ex militar, pero que, sin duda alguna, éste contó con el apoyo de una o dos personas más.
    A pregunta expresa si de acuerdo a necropsia hubo violación, puntualizó que definitivamente no, pero sí tortura, de drogas aún no se entregan los resultados. Los cuerpos, una vez que lo reclamen los cónsules o los familiares (que no ha sucedido), serán entregados, luego de que se hagan todos los exámenes necesarios.
  4. Ginger

    Ginger New Member

    Thanks for the translation, Peggy sue
  5. boomboomtulum

    boomboomtulum New Member

    It was very interesting. We were down in Tulum when it happened. The locals and those in the tourist industry were very upset and did not want thenews to even come out. Only when the photos and article appeared in the paper the next day, was information discussed.

    It was the consensus of everyone that this was something very unusual and probably a result of the lack of work in cancun with some of those people heading further south.

    still cant beat tulum though
  6. gemma

    gemma New Member

    I am really upset that people only worry if this murder is going to affect the tulum tourism. Marta was one of my best friends(by the way, her correct name is Marta Taulats Vallverdú). I only know that somone killed the most beautiful, nice and intelligent person I've ever met and that this person is still free.
    I don't understand why nobody is interested in finding the murdered. I am not going to forget this as everybody does.
    I love you Marta.
  7. Ginger

    Ginger New Member

    Gemma, I am truly sorry for your loss. I have lost people close to me and I know it is very hard, but it will get easier with time.

    I think everyone here just wanted to make sure that it didn't get blown out of proportion. I think the gist is that their are murders everywhere, in every country, and while they are horrible and inexplicable, they are isolated and not neccessarily a threat to everyone. No one means to minimize or deminish this particular incident.

    Again, I"m sorry for your loss.
  8. gemma

    gemma New Member

    Thank you for your answer Ginger. I agree with you. It's just that for everybody Marta is someone that was murdered and for us is our Marta.
    Fortunately they found the murders and we feel better.
  9. c943

    c943 Member

    They caught them? Did they give any reasoning for what happened? You describe the person as a great person...so that usually negates drug issues ....What drives a person to this act against tourists?
    I want to know so that we can rest assured that the re is a reason that is far removed from any plot that us as average tourists never need to worry about it.
  10. Gale in KY

    Gale in KY Barefoot in Tulum

    Gemma, my heart goes out to you and anyone who knew the victims. It is good to know they have caught the perpertrators. Will keep good thoughts for you. Tulum is such a special place that it saddened me to think that this kind of thing could happen there, but of course much more important than the place or the tourism is the people who this happened to. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers in the coming days.
  11. gemma

    gemma New Member

    Thanks a lot for your messages.
    Although they caught the murderers we are not sure about the whole story they explain and if they really did it. It seems very suspicious that when Marta's parents told Spanish authorities that they are going to tell the media that they need know the truth mexican police suddenly solve the crime.
    We are not going to be sure until it is confirmed by the spanish police.

    If you want to know more about it you can go to the marta's friends and family forum. You go to google ans search for marta taulats. the forum is called "los cansados" and you can find all the news about her, photos and messages from people close to marta.
    Sorry it's in spanish. there are some messages in english.

    Again thanks a lot.
  12. John in DC

    John in DC Member

  13. jim

    jim New Member

    I am sorry to hear about what happened to your friend. Here is an interesting report from someone who was recently in the area. It is probably mostly accurate because the media has reported that the police had a video of the victims getting into the suspects car.

  14. Eerik

    Eerik New Member

    Would somebody please tell me if this is the same Marta Taulats who spent her Summer of 1997 in Germany? She was also Catalan.
    I think she interned at BRAUN and took language lessons?
    Please let me know?
  15. lianne

    lianne New Member

    Gemma, to say I'm sorry for your loss just isn't adequate, but my heart breaks for you, and I am so sorry. I really can't imagine what you are going through, but my prayers are with you, her family, and everyone she left behind.

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